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Companion App

Project Partners

Hana Amer, Julian Schwalm


November - Februar 2019/20


Invention Design, 3.Semester


Prof. David Oswald

Used Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Figma, After Effects, Principle, Verse

My Role

Concept, Screen Design, App Prototyping

Below is an interactive Video: Let's see if YOU can bring Meggie home save by using Companion


The task was to design something speculativ.
Also it was allowed to think of technologies which aren't developed yet or at least not avialabale for the broad mass. We decided to use the technology of "Big Data" to create an application which helps people getting home safe.
So long story short: Companion is a Navigation App which finds you the safest, not fastest way home by using Big Data.

_01 The Research

What's the Data

First off we needed to know where we could get our Data from.Thats why we set some parameters with wich we thought a specific area could marked as safe or unsafe.
Those parameters were:

Traffic Density
Street Lightning
Opened stores
Places of retreat
Crime statistics
Connections to public transportations

We also thought of user generated data which would mean that our users should be able to report crimes
or incidents by themselfs

"The Big If"

To reccieve all those Datas was pretty much impossible for a single person and thats why we decided to say we act
like we're a big company with a lot of money
to buy all those datas from (for example) Google.

Well thats a big if but i guess thats okay for speculativ design.

User generated Data

Also as a second instance we decided to work with user generated data to make sure we could really get the safest routes. We decided the user should be able to review specific instances of their route so we could really learn and generate the best possible route.

_02 Building the Product

_03 The Design

_04 The Functions

_05 The Screens


Friends List



Route Selection

Arrival Screen

Triggered Alarm

Safespot Preview


Friends List



Route Selection

Safespot Preview

Arrival Screen

Confirm Alarm